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Why Marketing On Clubhouse Can Be A Powerful Business Tool

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Understand And Implement The Benefits Of Clubhouse Marketing Right Now!

Clubhouse is the latest audio-based social marketing app that’s all the rage these days. When conversations are happening with Elon Musk and top industry leaders in an open dialogue it’s hard to not notice it. So of course, savvy marketers are ready and eager to tap into this platform and leverage it for their marketing efforts. And they are reaping big results with it right away.

However, at the moment, Clubhouse is still in beta mode and not open to the public yet. Nevertheless, those who are currently using/testing the app are saying it’s fantastic and one of the best apps they’ve been on. There’s a lot you can learn from experts and it’s a great way to network.

Let’s take a quick look at how marketing on Clubhouse can benefit you… and then you can prepare and be ready to jump right in once it’s fully open.

  1. Simplicity

One of the best features of Clubhouse is simplicity. Unlike YouTube which requires you to make videos and optimize them… or Facebook which requires you to write posts and create eye-catching images, Clubhouse is extremely simple to use.

You simply create or join a room on a topic you’re interested in. Others who are interested in the same topic/niche will probably join you and you can have real live conversations with them.

Those who prefer to learn with audiobooks, podcasts, etc. will benefit greatly from Clubhouse which doesn’t require much reading, writing or designing. Just talk (if you want to) and listen. It’s really that simple. 

  1. Targeted

If you stopped to think about it, the ‘traffic’ on Clubhouse is highly targeted. People will usually join your room if they’re interested in the topic and they can immediately interact with the people in it.

This is different from Facebook groups (which will require approval), or Pinterest boards (where you can barely engage with anyone), or Instagram (where you have to private message the profile) or just become envious at the lifestyle the other person has. 

All the hurdles on these platforms are conversion killers.

With Clubhouse it’s as easy as joining and listening to people talking. So, your micro-commitment of joining the room yields immediate reward… and this translates to more trust and loyalty in the long run.

  1. Privacy

Since conversations are not recorded and disappear for eternity once they’re over, it creates a fear of missing out (FOMO). There’s more urgency for people to schedule a time and actually be there as there is no replay. These days, people have the attention span of a housefly and flit from page to page as they get distracted by the onslaught of notification beeps and links all over the place.

High bounce rates are a problem for many websites, videos, etc. because people always believe they can come back to them later, though they almost never do. 

With Clubhouse’s ‘once gone, it’s gone forever’ approach, people tend to stay on and pay attention just so they don’t miss out on something important.

  1. Awesome For Networking

The beauty of Clubhouse is that it simulates a real conversation with several people in a room. Your opportunity to network with like-minded individuals is much higher. 

While you could do this with private messaging on platforms like Facebook, the ‘human element’ is missing because a text conversation is never the same as verbal communication which most people prefer.

It’s also beyond any kind of reasonable expectation to think Gary V or Elon Musk is going to reply to your DM. Clubhouse gives you access to people you would normally never have.

  1. Great Camera Shy People

People who do not like showing their face on videos will use Clubhouse gladly since you never need to appear on camera to speak.

There’s also no opportunity to post photos, etc. Clubhouse only requires a profile pic and that’s it.

Given the fact that a huge part of the population is uncomfortable with video chat that’s a huge advantage for Clubhouse.

  1. Value Beats Vanity Metrics

Unlike platforms such as Instagram or Facebook which shows the numbers of followers, likes, comments, etc. – and makes people feel insecure and less important than those with a huge following – Clubhouse levels the playing field.

There are no vanity metrics and the value you bring to the conversation will ultimately determine your reputation and standing. You actually need to know your stuff and hold an intelligent conversation to be deemed the ‘real thing’. 

You can’t outsource this because it has to be you. It doesn’t get more authentic than that.

  1. Highly Focused

With all the noise and distractions gone and the main focus being on the conversations that matter, Clubhouse can actually provide more value than blog posts, videos, etc.

There are many people who are authorities on different topics and getting on clubhouse to impart knowledge and just have fun, insightful conversations.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn just by talking to someone who knows his/her stuff. You’ll be learning from the pros without paying a cent. It doesn’t get better than that!

  1. Safe Testing Ground

You can also test ideas by asking for feedback in rooms relevant to your needs. This will give you real-time feedback and engagement that’s far more detailed and personal than online polls.

These 8 points are more than enough reason to join Clubhouse (if you haven’t already done so) when it’s open. Nothing quite beats talking to someone who shares the same passions as you… and you’ll learn and retain much more knowledge from these conversations which are personal experiences. 

“A conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue. That’s why there are so few good conversations: due to scarcity, two intelligent talkers rarely meet.” Truman Capote

Clubhouse is bringing the art of conversation back. And in this busy distracted world of ours that’s a beautiful thing.