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5 reasons why you need videos

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Here’s five reasons your business needs a video presence now.

#1 Great ROI

When business owners think of video marketing, they often think it’s going to be expensive. But that’s just not true. Anyone with a smartphone can create a video, even for free. And they are incredibly effective. In fact, they are considered the most effective type of digital marketing, and one of the cheapest. These two factors equate to having a great ROI.
#2 Builds Trust

A video allows target audiences to feel as though they know more about a company than a page of text would tell them. Once customers have that connection with a brand, they start to trust it. And that’s going to lead to them purchasing from that brand over one that hasn’t built that trust with them.
#3 Explains Concepts Clearly

Not all products are self-explanatory. Some are a little more complicated to use than others. When that’s the case, customers won’t buy them if they don’t understand how they work, and videos are great at explaining just that. Most consumers will watch an explanatory video, and most will buy the product afterwards.
#4 Consumers Prefer Videos

Business owners know that in order to connect with their customers, they need to reach them in a way that the customer will like. This is why video marketing is so effective – consumers love videos and will watch them long before they read a page of text.
#5 Helps Boost Conversions

There are lots of reasons businesses should be using video marketing but they all point back to this one – video marketing increases conversions and sales. Period. And when any marketing technique has proven to be this effective time after time, there’s no reason for any business not to do it.